Believe it or not, Chanting is Practical

Some people think that the idea of chanting is woo-woo and won’t try it.  In my experience it is the most practical thing I do every day.  As I chant in the morning, ideas come to mind of ways I can accomplish the next step in my goals. In our society we are taught to strategize. You will have a different experience when you chant. Then you tap into a broader and deeper wisdom and thoughts come from a much deeper place. When you chant this way the thoughts you have will work better than anything you might have thought up by yourself.  I never cease to be amazed by this.

My husband agrees.  He has used it to solve construction problems.  I’ve used it to write my book. I’ve received so many ideas that I take notes during my chanting time.

But chanting is an experience.  Just talking about it doesn’t give you the experience.  Go to and put chanting practice in Search.  Then go to beginning your practice and you can actually hear the chant.  Another good website for this is  www.americangongyo,org.

If you have any questions about this I can be reached through comments at and would be happy to hear from you.

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