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Feel Undeserving of Your Goal? What You Can do.

In this video, we discuss how to overcome feelings of being undeserving of your goal. Then talk about how to set a lofty goal and move towards it step by step, building confidence as you go. Feel Undeserving of Your Goal 1 transcript

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Big Challenge? Get Guidance From Your Mentor

A member from Kansai  was discussing goals in a meeting. Everyone there knew that Kansai members have had tremendous victories when they set goals.  He mentioned that we should get guidance from our mentor when chanting for a goal. Right away questions came up. “Our mentor doesn’t know about our exact goal. How can we […]

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Are You Confused About the Mentor-Disciple Relationship?

In the West people tend to be uncomfortable thinking of of a mentor-disciple relationship. First it is confused with business mentoring. Then the word disciple is unclear for people with Western religious training. Here are some of the questions that I have heard.  If you have a mentor do you have to be just […]

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How to Bring About Behaviors Which Lead to Happiness: A Guest Experience

Certain behaviors lead to happiness, others to unhappiness. Buddhist writings have many suggestions on how to improve behavior, so we won’t live with regret. Nichiren wrote letters to his followers with suggestions on how to handle certain situations, and we have many pieces written by President Ikeda which suggest behavior changes, which can lead to […]

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