Conquer Your Fears: Find Courage

Have fears kept you from moving forward in some area of your life? This can happen to anyone. In this blog you’ll learn how to overcome the fears that have stopped you.

 You are the Builder

Let’s say you have decided to move forward in an area of your life. The first thing to do is to sit and chant about it.

When you connect with the universal part of yourself through chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, you are connected with the level of life that brings things into manifestation. Mentally you set something into motion when you make a determination that something is going to happen.  You are not a beggar here, but are creating your life.

Set A Goal

Your responsibility is to set a goal. Make sure your goal is something you truly want. For example let’s say you want to lose weight. Set the goal as “ I’m going to weigh X number of pounds.” Not,” I want to lose weight.” Even though losing weight might seem like a positive goal, you are envisioning yourself as overweight, the condition you don’t want.

The difference between a negative and positive goal sounds easy but must be learned so if you are unsure how to set a positive goal, talk with someone who is more experienced.

You are not alone in achieving your goal. When you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo you are telling the universe that this is what you need. You are like a broadcasting station that is putting the word out in every direction to attract what you need back to you.

The Universe Creates the Path

Once you’ve set the goal, then the universe creates the path to your goal. Be open to the fact that the path may be different from what you have anticipated. Maybe you have seen only one route to your goal. Allow yourself to be open to all possibilities.

Free Yourself from Mental Limitations

Your thoughts can support the process or create stumbling blocks depending on how they are focused. What would be some examples of limits created by your mind?

  1. You don’t really believe you can achieve your goal

If this is the case, revise your goal until you can believe it or it is a slight stretch. For example, you don’t believe you can lose fifty pounds but you can believe you can lose ten. Set your determination to lose ten.

  1. You might have worries or fears about the circumstances surrounding your goal.

If you find yourself immersed in fears and worries, try chanting about your fears. If you do this the fear will diminish and then disappear.

  1. You think you have only one way to reach your goal.

We have been taught to strategize how to reach a goal. But this can restrict the possibilities. Most people who chant have had the experience that when they remain open to any possibility, they’ve been surprised by solutions that come in ways they could have never imagined. You just focus on the solution; let the universe create the path.

  1. Dismissing ideas out of hand

Perhaps an idea comes to you which you dismiss right away as impossible. This is easy to do, but that very idea may be the solution to your concern.

Pay Attention to Ideas & Information

As you keep your goal in mind, keep your ears and eyes open to things which come to you that are moving you towards achieving your goal. You have a thought of something you might do, a step you can take. Or some information comes to you that is exactly what you need. Your responsibility is to take action when something like this comes to you. After all you are going to achieve your goal in everyday life with your boots on the ground.

What to do About Fear of Taking a Step?

What do I do if I’m afraid to take the step that’s come to me?

Chant longer to bring your life condition into courage.

I took a leadership position in a volunteer organization, where I had to call people I didn’t know. I had always been afraid of doing that. In order to overcome my fear I had to chant for longer periods for several weeks. But then one day when I finished chanting, I realized I wasn’t afraid. I ran to make the phone calls while I had courage. After a period of time, where I did this on a regular basis, the fear disappeared entirely.

A New Mental Habit

To stay focused on your goal and not on your fears requires establishing a new mental habit. Notice when you fall into your fears, and replace them by envisioning the solution you want. Initially you may have to refocus many times each day but it will become easier as time goes on.

Feel the Fear and Step Through It

There’s nothing wrong with being afraid. Letting it stop you is something else. The amazing thing is that when you feel the fear and quickly take the action you are afraid of, the fear drops away. You will find taking the action wasn’t as frightening as you feared and it will be easier next time.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do set a clear and positive goal
  2. Do allow the universe to establish the path.
  3. Don’t try to strategize. The path may be different from what you think.
  4. Don’t dwell in fears. Just notice them, then and re envision the solution you want.
  5. Do chant when afraid of taking a step.
  6. Do let yourself feel the fear and do it anyway.

Steps to Buddhahood

Overcoming fears in this way is the path to transforming your life and becoming absolutely happy.



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