Develop Deep Wisdom Through Buddhism

Develop a Mind of Faith

When you chant, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, you connect with the Buddha Nature within you. A mind of faith will allow you to fully tap the deep wisdom accessible as you access this universal level in your life.

So, what is a mind of faith? This means that, when you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, you trust, without doubt, that no matter how circumstances may appear, you will definitely move in the direction of success and happiness.

What Is The Function of Wisdom?

The function of deep wisdom is to create value in any circumstance, so that you can take a challenging circumstance and turn it from something negative into something positive. Strong faith enables you to bring out the kind of wisdom that allows you to take advantage of changing conditions to move circumstances in a positive direction. In this way you achieve your goals.

What If?

You don’t feel you are able to access this deep wisdom. Ask yourself:

  • Do I down deep feel that someone else should handle this?
  • Do I doubt this goal can be achieved?
  • Am I visualizing what I fear?
  • Am I limiting myself by seeing my goal happening only one way?
  • Am I disregarding ideas which have come to me regarding my goal?
  • Am I procrastinating?
  • Am I trying to force a certain result?
  • Am I being influenced by what other people think?

Align with the universal level in your life in the following ways to bring out deep wisdom.

  • First, chant with the goal in mind.
  • Be receptive to ideas that come to you regarding your goal.
  • Think from the end, visualizing your goal as already accomplished.
  • Don’t be distracted; keep your focus on what you want.
  • Take full responsibility for handling the situation.
  • Be open to all possible routes to your goal.
  • When an idea comes to you, take action right away.
  • Relax. Know the universe will handle the situation in its own time.
  • Keep chanting till your goal manifests.

To develop a mind of faith and learn to function in these new ways grows step by step, so don’t be impatient with yourself. Even experienced people can forget to apply some of the basics sometimes. You are letting go of old mental habits and acquiring new ones. Once the new ways become established they will be as comfortable as the current ones. Then you will find that deep wisdom shows up more and more frequently in your life.

Join the Conversation:

Please share an experience where such wisdom showed up in your life?

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