Here is a Method for Mastering Your Mind

Our Thoughts Influence Everything

President Ikeda, the foremost proponent of this form of Buddhism in the world, says in his book Faith into Action that positive thoughts take form in reality, creating positive results, where pessimistic thoughts take form and produce negative results. This principle doesn’t apply to an isolated thought here or there, but does apply if we consistently think one way or the other.

When we set a goal, think of it as creating an invisible architectural drawing, which, at some point will show up in the material world. This principle becomes important when you are chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo  to overcome an obstacle or major challenge and a negative circumstance might follow, if you don’t achieve it. For example let’s say you need to get a mortgage refinanced or you might not be able to remain in your home. If the challenge is not resolved very quickly, it becomes easy to focus on the fear of losing your home. When fear starts to dominate your thoughts then it’s time to ask the question, what do I want to create? Do I want to create what I fear, or do I want to manifest my desired outcome?

Practice for Mastering Your Mind

Nichiren Daishonin, the founder of this form of Buddhism, talks frequently about mastering our minds and not letting our minds master us. What does that mean when facing an obstacle, or major challenge? When we become aware that we are focusing on our fears, it is time to give ourselves a good mental shake and redirect our thinking. We need to envision what we want as already accomplished.

Once when I was chanting for the resources to complete a house remodel, I had to pull my mind out of the abyss of my fears fifty times a day and refocus on what I wanted to create. It was a real spiritual struggle. I knew that I would create what I consistently focused on mentally. I kept asking myself, “What do you want to see happen here? Do you want to manifest your fears or your desired outcome?” Then I would have to refocus my mind on my goal as already accomplished, seeing my home as completely and successfully remodeled in my mind’s eye.

Steps to Creating Positive Results

When you find your mind sinking into the abyss of fears and negativity take the following steps.
1. Chant until you can feel your life condition pull out of that negative state. That may mean chanting longer than usual or chanting longer for a period of days before this occurs.
2. Remind yourself: I want to manifest my desired outcome, not my fears.
3. Then focus on seeing your end goal as already accomplished. Envision it how you want it to be. Continue chanting with your end goal in mind.

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