How I Found My Unique Purpose through Buddhist Practice

Have you ever wondered why you have been born, what you should be doing with your life? Don’t you want your life to be exciting, the kind of life where you can’t wait to get up in the morning, where you really love what you are doing?  How can you find a life like that?

First – Decide to Chant

When you start to chant every day, you tap into your Buddha nature, the core of your life, where you are one with the universal life force itself. The way I have experienced it, the life force is evolutionary. When you connect with it your life turns in a progressive direction and you gradually move into the perfect place that has meaning for you.

As you chant, ideas and internal promptings will come that clarify your direction and the next steps to take. As you continue to chant and act on those ideas, your life will begin to shift one step at a time towards your unique purpose.

How This Worked for Me

I was a full time counselor for 25 years and sensed that my life in this profession was coming to an end. I found myself wondering what I was going to do with the rest of my life.  It was about this time I encountered this Buddhist chanting practice and started chanting every day.

I had possessed the inclination to write as a teenager but had never done anything with it. Once I started to chant that inclination became stronger.  I should take some writing classes. I did that, then joined a critique group.  As I learned the craft of writing I realized I thoroughly enjoyed it, but hadn’t yet found the subject I wanted to write about.

During this time, as I chanted every day and studied Buddhist concepts,  I saw how this way of life affected the lives of the people who practiced, how their lives turned around to become positive.  One day it hit me – I was seeing the thing I had always wanted as a counselor – a way to enable anyone to become happy.  Finally, I’d found the topic I felt passionate about!

Since then I have written two books on Buddhism and have created a website and blog. I wake up smiling and can’t wait to go into my office every day.

Writing my first book, Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness, required me to overcome procrastination and writer’s block. Then I had to push myself to follow through to finish it.

Marketing the book has required me to create my own direction. I’ve had to overcome fears to put myself out there. It has forced me to push my boundaries and has not been a comfortable process. But I find I love using all of my strengths and having the reins of my life in my hands.

 You Can Do It Too

This happens to be my way.  We all are different. As I watch other practitioners, I am seeing them blossom in ways unique to them. If you start to chant on a regular basis, you will find the path natural to you that suits you, where you are using your strengths and are happiest.

Listen to the Chant

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