Know How You Can Speed Up Your Goal?

Have You Made a Decision or Just Hoping?

Now that you have set a goal, have you made a decision that it is going to happen? There is a big difference between making a decision and wanting and hoping that something will happen.

So often when we ‘set a goal’ what we really are doing is hedging our bets. We are willing to do a few things, and then just see what happens. We don’t really want to put it out there, because what if we put ourselves into it and it doesn’t happen? What then? We’d rather not know, rather not be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the universe doesn’t really respond to wishes and hopes. It won’t give you the ideas and resources necessary to reach your goal until you make a committed decision that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make this goal happen.

Let’s say a young couple has a goal for their dream house. When a real estate agent says, “Great, let’s go find it”, the couple pulls back. They say “ We can’t do that yet, because we don’t have the money. That is hedging their bets. They don’t really believe that they can manifest the money. They are looking at their circumstances and are unwilling to step out on faith. But if they made the decision that they are going to have their dream house and then step out on faith that somehow it is going to work out, the universe will respond and send them the ideas and resources to manifest their dream.
The person who makes the decision that something is going to happen may not have the money either or have the faintest idea of how it is going to happen, but they are willing to move forward trusting that the universe will show them the way.

What Kind of energy Are You Projecting?

What kind of energy are you projecting to the universe? As the Clear Mirror Guidance says,
“The Gohonzon is a clear mirror. It reveals perfectly our state of faith and projects it out into the universe.: FIA 132

Remember how you felt when you were absolutely committed that something was going to happen. I imagine you felt strong, maybe excited, calm. It was just a matter of getting there – positive expectation. It’s an expansive energy.
Then remember how it feels when you are hedging your bets. Doesn’t it feel more hesitant, maybe uneasy, doubtful, wavering, nervous wishy-washy? It’s a contracted energy.

This is the battle we will wage with ourselves every time we set a goal that is a real stretch. The one between positive and negative forces,

If we sit in front of the Gohonzon hedging our bets, then we are just increasing the length of time it will take. We have to be willing to take action towards our goal. Chanting is not magic and if we are procrastinating, it will take longer.

To get off dead center, we have to be willing to look at what we are thinking when we are hedging our bets. Write those thoughts down and then make a decision how you are going to answer each one of them to make an opening so you can move forward. Is there a skill you need to learn? Make a commitment to learning it. How can you turn a limiting thought into a more empowering one? For example, the negative thought might be, “I don’t know if I’m capable of doing this.” An empowering thought could be: “I don’t have to do this alone, I have the Gohonson to give me ideas and make connections for me.”The next step is to pay attention to ideas you are getting from the universe and act on them.

Are You Attached or Unattached to Your Goal?

When we make a decision that a goal is going to happen, then we want to look at whether we are really attached or unattached. If we’re trying to force a goal, we will feel stressed, anxious etc. It will be hard to listen for ideas ad guidance from the universe.
goal is going to manifest, you may well be blocking the path set by universe and your goal will take longer.

When we are unattached we feel calm and expansive.. Our attitude needs to be I focus on the end goal, but I’m not going to try and control how the universe gets there. And our focus on the end goal should beheld with an open hand. This or something better, whatever is for my highest good. When we are unattached then it is much easier to hear the ideas given to us by the universe.

Often we feel as though we’ve got to do all the heavy lifting ourselves. But that isn’t true. When you have made a decision that something is going to happen and chant about it, you have started a dialogue with the universe. You will get ideas for how to move forward. You might feel a nudge to go in a certain direction. You will be given the next step. You may not know where it is going to lead, but after you take it the next one will be given. Make a decision that your goal is going to happen and then listen to the steps you are given by the universe and act on them. Your goal will happen a lot faster.

In Summary:

When setting a goal that is a stretch, notice your energy. Is it expansive or contracted?
Ask yourself. Have I made a decision this goal is going to happen or am I hedging my bets?
If hedging your bets write down and answer each limiting thought in a way to create a way forward.
Notice whether you are attached, tight, stressed, or unattached, calm & relaxed, and move in the direction of non-attachment so you can hear the steps given by the universe and take action on them.


  • Sue Howes says:

    I’ve learnt so much since the end of last year through the advice of an SGI member, reiki and meditation about non attachment. Your vlog just hit the nail on the head😊. Many years ago a WD member suggested instead of chasing my goal (a job at a particular school), I should embrace it. That coupled with another member using hypnotherapy and visualisation, got me the job I believe. I had let go of the frenzy and chanted to be there, creating value for me, the boys and staff.

  • Thera says:

    OK so lets say I make a decision that I am going to get $500, 000 within the next 4 weeks and that this goal is going to happen. So besides chanting +++ what actions can I take? Realistically I know that I can’t earn this amount based on my current income. It would take more than a month to save that even if I lived on the street and did not eat!! And no relative of mine has that amount of money so I cannot get it as a gift or inheritance. The only way is to win the amount! So that means I need to purchase lottery tickets. I don’t have the extra money to do so. So what action do I take? Not that I’m telling the universe what to do but chanting does deal with reality. And as you say it’s not magic. So should I chant that I get $500,000, not purchase lottery tickets and let the universe tell me what actions I should take to get the $500,000 that I so desperately need. Or should I chant that I win the amount in a lottery and let the universe lead the way.

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      You are looking to your circumstances to make the decision about what is possible. Wen you look to the Mystic Law and pray for the 500,000, you really have no idea about ow it might come about. Don’t try to control the pathway because that might not be what the universe is going to do. Just see the money in your bank account as already there and leave how its going to get there to the universe. Our job is to set the goal. It’s the job of the universe to work out the path.

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