Know How to Chant As though Your Goal is Achieved?


“Drop the doubt. Begin to live as though your prayers have already been answered.” Daisaku Ikeda

I have received this question. “How do I chant about a goal as though it’s already accomplished, when it’s still in the future?”
This is an important question because we know that our thoughts are generative. They are creating causes for our future. This means that what we are projecting consistently to the universe will be reflected in our environment. When we chant, envisioning something as being in the future – that is what we are projecting to the universe, that the goal is in the future.

When we set a vision we are connecting with the level of consciousness that is within and behind everything in the material world, the Ninth level of consciousness. It is the eternal NOW and embodies past, present, and future simultaneously. There is no timeline at that level of consciousness. Everything is one and unified. It is only when we come to the outer levels of materiality, where phenomena appear to be separate, that we think in terms of the past, present and future.

This has been discovered by science, If you look into creation with a microscope, the outer levels appear to be separate but as you look deeper and deeper you find the quantum field where everything eventually turns into energy and comes in and out of a void. Thought affects that field.

How to Drop the Doubt

How do we drop the doubt when there seems to be no apparent way to a goal? It’s important to remember that your only responsibility is to set the goal, and keep your eye on it. It is the responsibility of the universe to work out the path and make the necessary connections to getting there. Then it’s up to you to take action on the ideas the universe gives you. You will never see the whole path to the goal until you have achieved it. That is why it requires faith. The rule is a simple one. You go as far as you can see and when you get there you will be able to see further.

Some Ways to Chant as Though It is Already Achieved

Setting a goal and keeping an eye on it, doesn’t mean having a wish. It means making a commitment that it is going to happen and then focusing on that vision daily. It needs to be a focused thought. There is a big difference between an
incandescent light and a focused light that cuts through steel. So pray with power, purpose and sincerity.

When you have a financial goal, what will that money bring you. Ask, how will it change your life and then step into how that life would feel.

The mind works in images so imagine something that would symbolize your goal being accomplished as though it was already done. For example if you are wanting a new home, imagine yourself signing the mortgage papers or putting your key into the front door for the first time. If you prefer words, have a good, detailed description of what you completed goal would look like. You are giving the universe a pattern to work from so be as specific as you can.

Creating a vision is like having a new baby, you have to feed it and pay attention to it regularly. So visualize your goal daily, what it looks like, how you’ll feel with it, accomplished. Build a relationship with your vision.

When you can see it clearly, then chant with the question, What’s the next step? What can I do towards my goal with what I have from where I am? Now your circumstances might say that your vision isn’t possible, but you must take the action presented to you by the universe anyway. That requires faith.
Your rational mind might try and talk you out of it, but it only works with the material world, not the spiritual one. Now you are using spiritual laws and it is the job of the rational mind to figure out how to implement the action you are given when you chant about it.

Forget Circumstances, Look to the Mystic Law

We are being asked to make an enormous shift here. Instead of the training of a lifetime to look to our circumstances to determine what we can do, we must look to the Mystic Law instead. And it’s when we lapse into looking to our circumstances that doubt creeps in. So how do you handle doubt?
This is where practicing to master the mind comes in. When you find yourself falling into doubt, remember that you are projecting what you don’t want. A fleeting thought now and then isn’t going to make a difference but if you find yourself wallowing in doubt, that can make a difference. So when you become aware, shift your focus back to your accomplished goal, to what you want. You may have to do this many times a day.

If you find it difficult to imagine your goal as already completed, imagine yourself three years from now and it’s already come about. You are looking back. I
suggest three years because that time frame is long enough that you can suspend doubt. What does your life look like with your goal accomplished? Who are you now with it done? How have you changed? How do other people view you? Flesh it out.


Your responsibility is only to set a clear, detailed goal. It is the responsibility of the universe to work out the path to getting there.
It is your responsibility to take action on the ideas given to you by the universe when you chant about your goal.
Don’t let the rational mind talk you out of taking action, even when you can’t see the whole path.
Trust the Mystic law to find a way.


I love getting our questions and comments.  You give me ideas for this vlog, so keep them coming.  I’ll see you the first Thursday of next month.

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  • Morag says:

    Brilliant and exactly what I needed today to keep my determination focussed. I want to retire from my work at the age of 60 in good health and financially secure to enjoy an active life doing more for KR in my town. I have printed this off to re and re-read when things seem impossible. I remember a slogan ” When you feed your faith, your doubts will starve to death.” Thank you.

  • Shriti says:

    How can we chant to become a person who can make friends easily and is not bullied. Having faced loneliness wherever I go I have this lingering in my mind always.

    • Sid says:

      Hi Shriti, I have been a member of SGI since 2009 and I tell you visualization works. By repeating this feeling of loneliness/ fear and bullying in your mind you are essentially asking for it again from universe. Best is imagine yourself as being a part of movie where you are surrounded by friends, your laughing and having a good time. You need to ignore your conscious memory always saying “where are friends?, you are alone.” Chanting NMRK takes you to a cosmic consciousness state where you are ignoring your current situation like take an example of some hobby you like or movie you are so engrossed that you ignore the time and space. I have imagined offer letters from job, me signing the paper, the sound of the pen cap opening, the smile on my face and it has worked. I have documented proof’s. You may also feel the chill down the spine because that’s your brain releasing happy oxytocin’s. Feelings have greater vibrations.

  • Wonderful guidance Margaret, thank you! Been practicing 31 years and still need to come back to the “root”. Kyo-Chi-Gyo-I means this focus on faith, not circumstances, on manifesting our hearts desires and transcending fear and doubt, especially the subtle kind that is the most devilish! Thank you thank you, love your blog 🥰

  • Lily Robinson says:

    My husband Chris and I watched this video together. Your clear explanation of the power of this practice astounds me! I’ve shared this video and hope it inspires others!

  • Susan Howes says:

    Thank you as always Margaret. I was wondering what yours or anyone’s thoughts were on setting goals for the world in addition to our own goals.

  • Pearl Chang says:

    Hi Margret:
    I am from Taiwan SGI member
    I would like to know the ninth Conscious meaning in this article
    That you mentioned
    Can you explain to me.

  • MN says:

    Hi Margaret, I am a beginner and found your video on “Not getting results from Chanting” on Youtube. That is what brought me here. Thank you so much for the great advise. I have a basic question, how many goals do you set at a time? Is it OK to set more than 1 goal? You may have answered this question in one of your videos, pardon me, I still need to go through this website and view the information for beginners. Nam MyoHo renge kyo!

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