Practical Buddhism: Handling Anger

Some people have a problem with anger. It tends to come up at inappropriate times or simmers underneath the surface only to erupt with little provocation.

Someone I know had this issue when he started to chant Nam-myoho-renge-ko.  He was dealing with mid-life issues feeling trapped and restless in the job he had filled for twenty years.  After chanting about this for a while, he had the thought that the job he had been doing  had given him the opportunity to be of service to others, in helping them communicate their ideas. He was  actually in the work situation which was right for him. The problem had been in the way he’d viewed his situation. With that realization his anger subsided and disappeared.

Other people have found that when they’ve chanted over time, internal pressures giving rise to anger gradually disperse.  This happens because chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo taps your highest level of life, your Buddha Nature.  There is no anger in your Buddha nature but rather unshakeable happiness, wisdom, and compassion. As you bring these qualities into everyday life, anger dissipates.

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