Practical Buddhism & Handling Obstacles

Do you have an obstacle, or more than one, which is keeping you from moving forward in your life? We all have these at different times in our lives. What can you do to overcome an obstacle?

Probably in the past you thought that the problem was due to something outside of yourself, another person, the economy etc. When we think this way, we have given away our power. You might ask, ‘How can I change this situation when I would have to change someone else or change the economy?’ And that would be a good question.

What if you had a way to connect with a source of power inside that would allow you to create what you need? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about changing someone or something else. The good news is that you have such a source of power.

To access it you will want to learn to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.  Chanting will allow you to tap your internal universal connection, your Buddha nature. When you start chanting, see in your mind’s eye the solution to your difficulty. Would it be a harmonious relationship? Would it be a job?  Then just chant for it.  It may not happen overnight, so be prepared to keep chanting until you get it.

If you find you have ideas about steps to address the situation, take action. Remember changes do not happen by magic but in our real, everyday world.

If you decide to try to address a difficulty in this new way, I’d be very interested to hear your experience. I can be contacted at and would be glad to hear from you.