Remarkable News! Faith is More Powerful than Control

Believe it or not, chanting with faith produces more benefit than trying to control the process.

What Does Control Look Like?

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When we strategize we are attempting to control the process by thinking through different probable paths to the goal.

When we try to control the process this way, we are, in essence, saying that we trust ourselves more than we trust our connection with the universe. We are not allowing the positive forces in the universe to come up with avenues that might be more successful than the paths we can see. In effect we are interfering with the process.
It’s understandable that we try to do this because we’ve been taught that you can’t achieve a goal with planning. So how is acting on faith different?

What Faith Looks Like?

Faith means chanting about an issue with the end goal in mind. Rather than trying to figure out a path, wait and see what ideas come to you. You have started a dialogue with the universe and there will be a response. An idea might come while you are chanting. It may be given to you by someone else or in something you read. When you’re chanting about an issue, pay attention to anything which comes to you regarding your concern.

Faith means taking the step when you get an idea. It’s exhilarating and a little scary because you can’t see where you are going. You might only see two steps and then there is a corner. But if you take action on those two steps, then the next step in the path, which has been invisible, will unfold in front of you. Faith is walking blindly one step after another trusting the universe to work things out.

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Faith means being willing to move forward with that step even though you might be nervous about challenging yourself, having to stretch, or trying something new.

Faith means allowing the universe to act with its own timing rather than adhering to your schedule. You might think you know what the timing should be but you don’t know what invisible connections might have to be made. The universe knows when you need your goal accomplished. Many experiences describe goals that have fallen into place at the 11th hour.

Faith means remaining stable through the inevitable ups and downs of the process, while trusting that your goal will work out. See how Katy did it in her experience See my post, 5 Steps to a Successful Life Transition.

Establishing the Mindset You Want

First, remind yourself that our universal connection can work out our problem in ways we might never have imagined, if we trust it to do so. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, our universal connection is the rock in our lives which remains solid when everything else is in flux. That if we chant about our concerns and let our universal connection work things out, there will be a far better result than we can accomplish on our own.

Second, if you have doubts it is important to resolve them. See my post, Doubts, Problem or Opportunity. Doubts indicate you don’t really believe you have the power to resolve this problem. Doubts are an indicator it is time to deepen your faith so you can trust your internal connection with the universe.

Doubt - Faith signpost in a beach background

Doubt – Faith signpost in a beach background

Go Ahead. Try It.

You are going to find that you have much better results when you trust the universe to handle your concern. So, let go of control, chant with faith and see what happens.

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  • Margaret,
    This article is spot on, and it answers so many questions that have repeatedly come up for me – Faith versus Control. Naturally, as a control freak, I call attempts to control a situation “taking action”. Your post makes clear that while action has to be taken, there comes a point of release. The kite will never fly by the winds direction if we retain hold on the cord. Thank you so much.

  • AB says:

    Very powerful.
    however do we believe there is a SOUL? or it is meant Self?
    Concept of NO SELF has always remain unanswered or not understood.
    may be you can help

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      Good question.
      I think there is the lesser self and the greater self. The lesser self is taken over with the concerns of daily life, while the greater self identifies with the eternal nature of our life, that we are one with the Mystic Law. In Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth & Death, Ikeda says this”Buddhism speaks of an intrinsic Buddha nature existing in the depths of phenomenal reality. This nature depends upon and responds to phenomenal conditions and it alternates between states of emergency and latency ( life and death). ….cycles of life and death can be likened to the alternating periods of sleep and wakefulness…’ death can be seen as a state in which we rest and replenish ourselves for new life.”

      Hope this helps. You might like to read this book.

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