Why Do Some Goals Take So Long?

I have received a number of questions about why goals haven’t been achieved quickly and easily, and sometimes not at all. In this video I am going to explore some of the reasons.

The first thing to realize is that chanting is not magic. If chant for something but then take no action towards it, there will be no result. The universe works through us, but we have to do our part. Then, when we take action, the universe can create the connections needed.

For example, a woman told me she was chanting for her purpose but the universe wasn’t responding.
I asked her what ideas she had gotten. Well I got an idea to take a course at a local community college, but I don’t think I’d like it. I told her she’d never know whether she would like it unless she tried it.What was happening? She was dismissing the idea given to her in response to her chanting question. Fears came up, which were probably the reason she was dismissing the idea. Her husband went with her to sign up for the course. One course became three. and then became two years in a different, cheaper state where she could get her degree. She had found her purpose but only when she took action based on the answer she received but was trying to dismiss due to fears.

If you aren’t getting results, you want to reflect honestly and see if you are rejecting ideas that you have gotten. The universe speaks to us and that first answer to your question is the one that is the answer.But you might not recognize it, because right after that first answer, the rational mind will come in with judgments and reasons about why that first idea might not work. When working with the universe you are always dealing with the realm of possibility. We have been been trained throughout our lifetime by parents and teachers to look at circumstances to determine what is possible, not to take action upon faith in the universe. Possibility requires faith, to move ahead despite how our circumstances look, when we can’t see how we are going to get where we hope to go.

In this practice we often chant to overcome the challenge of not seeing a path forward or obstacles on that path. It is having to overcome these that push us to grow and do our human revolution which creates the steps forward towards enlightenment. Our life is our curriculum and we attract the people and circumstances that will help us grow spiritually when we learn the lessons presented through them. But we have to be willing to take on that challenge. If we’re not willing, nothing much is going to happen.

Spiritual practice shows us the pathway to getting there. First you set your goal, your vision. Then we’re taught to make a determination. It’s when you make that determination that you are going to do this no matter what, then you have shown the universe you are serious. If you have a dream, and you’ve made a commitment, taking the steps to achieve the dream is going to ask you to come out of your comfort zone, which means dealing with fears. Growth usually means having fears as we’re having to do things we’ve never done before. Fears can slow us down or derail us from taking action and of course, if we don’t act, our goals take longer or don’t happen at all. So when those fears come up, chant for courage and then take action when you are feeling courageous.

Here’s another reason our goals might take a long time.
We achieve what we can believe. Since we are connected, inwardly with the generative power of the universe itself, we create our lives through our beliefs. Our beliefs create a set point that works like a thermostat. If we chant for a very large income but we don’t have the skills or the belief down deep that it is possible, our inner resistance won’t allow us to earn
more than we truly believe we can. When you chant about a goal such as this you will get smaller steps to take to get you there. When you take action on those steps. you will move forward to the larger goal.

A goal such as this will take a longer time as skills are developed and greater degrees of believing are developed.

If we say we want to do spiritual practice, but the truth of our life is we hope, but don’t truly believe, that a spiritual side to ourselves is real, we might not see results. If you are a rank materialist, what would happen to you and what you believe if the practice actually produced results? The universe, in accord with the concept of oneness of life and its environment, creates and presents to us exactly what we truly believe.

This practice requires that we change our whole life view from relying on our cultural and social training which tell us that our circumstances determine what we can do, to learning to rely on the universe despite how our circumstances appear. If life is not working out the way you’d hoped, be gentle with yourself and understand you are engaged in an enormous mental shift. The world around you is always pulling you away from your spiritual training back to looking to circumstances to determine what you can do. Then sit down and self-reflect. Chant to be shown if you are resisting change and growth in some area and then listen and act on that first idea that comes to you.

In Summary:

1. Chanting is not magic and you must take action.
2. Are you listening or dismissing the ideas that come to you?

3. Are you recognizing an answer when it comes

4.. Are you talking yourself out of the ideas that have come to you because of cultural training relying on the rational mind.
5. Have you set your vision
Made a determination
Chanted for courage when you encounter fears?
6.. Our beliefs create a set point that the universe reflects back to us.
7. Be gentle with yourself. This is an enormous mental shift you are making.
Comments: Love your comments and questions. You have given me lots of ideas for these videos, so keep them coming.
See you again the first Thursday of next month

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