Your Goal too Big To Believe?  What to do.

“What do you do when your goal seems so far removed from where you are now, if you’re affirming something that simply isn’t true?”

This is an important question, as this is a problem for many people. In this vlog we are going to discuss how to make a goal more believable.

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Buddhism is always reason.  If you were setting out to climb Mt Everest, you wouldn’t try to climb it on your first mountain climb.  You would work up to it, setting lesser goals first, leading to your major goal.  Perhaps your huge goal is like Mt Everest. You could set intermediate goals which would prepare you for the big one,  always keeping the big goal in mind. You could always chant for the first step.  That might be more believable.





I wouldn’t affirm the goal, since you can’t believe it. Instead set the determination that you are going to accomplish it no matter what. First set your sincere resolve to achieve your goal.  That inner determination, which is invisible to everyone, activates the invisible shoten zengen and appears as solid actual proof. I have a friend who envisions her determination like standing on a radio tower and radiating that invisible attractive force 360 degrees around the tower, attracting what she needs to help her achieve her goal.

Then renew your determination to achieve the goal, every day.

Pick something specific to envision, which would signify to you that the goal is achieved.  My husband and I did a major remodel on our home.  We had no idea how it would happen, particularly as we didn’t have the money to complete it.  We envisioned the house ass a beautiful place for practitioners to come and chant.  For me, what signified that goal as being completed was envisioning the inspectors coming through and approving our work.  Another visualization might have been being given the key to the front door.

The Importance of Action

Action tells the universe that you are serious about your goal. Taking action steps towards your goal can help you develop the belief that the goal is possible. Something happens when you start to move forward with a goal in mind.  The universe takes steps to meet you. Surprising ideas appear to move you forward in ways you could never have  imagined, and you receive support you couldn’t have anticipated. The goal, which initially seems unattainable begins to look more possible and then probable.





A Personal Experience:

For example.  My husband and I were doing a major remodel on our house and we had a construction loan with a deadline to get the work done.  The bank was given a list of projects to be completed and we were given a deadline of ten months to complete them.  Everything went wrong at the beginning. The concrete work took much longer than expected, as we had three basement walls that had to be replaced where only one had been anticipated. Because of the extra concrete work we had used up most of our money and a lot of the time that could have been used for the other projects.

Because we didn’t have much money left, we had to do at least half of the work ourselves. Fortunately, my husband knows a lot about construction, and he used his practice to get information on how to do the different projects.  He used to say it was like tapping into a big library where he could always find the answers, better than any he could think of himself.

Since I was new to construction, I had to learn construction skills, such as setting insulation, pulling wire, and being a general all-around goffer.

My husband does beautiful work. He always builds on the 100 year principle, that his project will last for 100 years. We had an inspector who was known for being extremely difficult.  He was so taken with my husband’s work, that he went out of his way to show my husband how to do things, so he wouldn’t get into trouble when inspected. This was entirely unexpected support.

I chanted for the extra money we needed without telling anyone. It was a major challenge as I had to keep my mind out of the abyss of doubt. I had to redirect my mind towards seeing the goal as completed anytime the doubts showed up. As I did that week after week while chanting for the money, family members called and offered me the money I needed. More support.


We were under the gun because of the construction loan date, which was in June.  If we didn’t complete the work, we could lose the house.  In April of that year I realized that we weren’t going to be finished by June, and with trepidation wrote the bank telling them everything we had accomplished, so they wouldn’t see us as deadbeats.

They charged us extra to extend the loan, which we didn’t help, but didn’t try to foreclose on the house.  Then the oddest thing happened.  They didn’t charge us a second or third time even though we were 6 months over the deadline when we finally finished.  Then just as we were completing the last project and expected to be finished the next day, they told us we needed to be finished by three days from that point.  It felt as though we had been protected in many ways.

These are the kinds of things you can’t anticipate when you chant for a goal while taking action as ideas come to you.

I think at that at the beginning you don’t have to believe the goal, but you do have to have the determination to accomplish your goal no matter what.   And you have to chant and then start taking action toward the goal.


Today we covered how to set a goal, so you can believe it.

If it is a big goal, set lesser more believable goals leading up to your big goal or just chant for the first step.

  1. Set a determination that you are going to accomplish this goal no matter what.
  2. Envision something specific that would signify to you that the goal is achieved.
  3. Renew your determination every day.
  4. Than take action as the steps forward come to you.
  5. Finally, enjoy the processs.

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