Do You Know How the Universe Communicates With You?

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When we chant in front of the Gohonzon with a prayer need for something or a need to know something, we have opened a dialogue with the universe. As President Ikeda says in Faith into Action, “To offer prayers is to conduct a dialogue, an exchange with the universe. We are going to get a response. We know that but often aren’t clear on how the universe responds.

We know that within our Buddha nature, we are one with that universal intelligence the Mystic Law. Since we are connected in the deepest part of ourselves, we can trust that, if we listen, we will be shown the way.

How the Universe Communicates

The universe communicates in subtle ways that can be easily overridden with our left-brain approach to life. It doesn’t communicate by demanding attention. To hear the universe effectively you want to relax and let your mind be open.

Not everyone receives internal guidance the same way. You will probably find that one of the following ways is your preferred mode.

Have you ever had a feeling that you should or should not do something and ignored it, only to find out later that you should have paid attention to that feeling? That sense of things, that knowing, is one way we receive information from the universe.

Have you ever noticed a subtle body sensation that says, “You don’t want to do this.” Or perhaps a leap in the heart that says, “I do want to do this.” Just recently I was sent a picture of a kitten. We had lost one of our cats, my lap cat and I wanted another one. I noticed that my body was subtly resisting the kitten even though she looked adorable. When I paid attention to that sensation, I realized that the kitten was long-haired and my husband has allergies. I would need to be able to confine her at night so she wouldn’t go out the cat door and the only room I have to do that is the guest room, the territory of my 18-year-old lady cat, who doesn’t play well with others.

My intuition was telling me through that subtle physical sensation that I shouldn’t do this. When I recognized what it was telling me, I made the decision to wait until my old lady passes on. My body immediately relaxed, my knowing telling me I had made the right decision.

Another communication channel is the gut feeling that strongly tells us something about someone. You just “know” whether this person is trustworthy or not. Or you know what is going on with them, without knowing how.

Some people hear a very quiet voice, so quiet that it is easy to overlook it.

Or you might feel a quiet internal nudge to go this way or that way.

Some people receive messages through the sense of smell. They’ll say, “It smells like trouble.”

Trust the pull of your interests. If something keeps coming up, don’t dismiss it. They are part of your guidance system that is leading you in the direction the flow of your life wants to go.


Sometimes, when you chant about something, the universe communicates through synchronicity, mere coincidences. They could be overlooked except that when they happen over and over you begin to notice them. One day you realize they aren’t happening by accident. I call them little miracles.


Pay attention to anything which comes up regarding what you are praying about. Answers can come in books, and from other people. Coincidence? I don’t think so. You are receiving a response from the universe. For example, I was chanting about how to market my book. I had coffee with a friend who gave me the first step.

Some people can know things through a sense of sight. “I can see the right direction to go.”

Others might get ideas by asking a question in front of the Gohonzon and then having ideas flood into their head to be written down. Or feel as though they have tapped into a library which has all the answers they need.

Each of these ways of receiving information will be accompanied with the knowing. You don’t have to know how or why you know. Just trust the knowing.

Your dominant way of receiving information will probably be clear when you listen to the verbs you use. I see it, smell it, hear it, or I sense it.

What Enhances the Communication.

The communication is enhanced when:
1. You have a positive world view, that life will support you. When you have this expectation then you will notice when you are supported.
2. When you have faith that the universe is going to respond and are paying attention.
3. When you trust that you are well and truly guided and that the deeper wisdom will come when asked.
4. When you have openness of mind so you can pay attention to subtle responses, which you might have ignored in the past.

What Can Interfere with the Communication

Second guessing your own knowing since you can’t explain how you know it.

Believing that only bad things will come this way, so you only notice information about negative things.

Being in a state of panic, which doesn’t allow the quiet receptiveness needed to hear the little voice, or you might be in a state of anger or fear. These feelings agitate us and can block that quiet little voice.





Sometimes we don’t allow ourselves to hear or trust that voice because we doubt where it is coming from.

If you have decided that something is going to happen a certain way, then you could ignore other subtle suggestions. These are limits that we set on ourselves.


Today we examined how the universe communicates with us when we are chanting about something. We looked at the different ways that we receive communications and then looked at what can enhance that communication and what can interfere with it.

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