Do You Let Circumstances Control What You Do?

In the world today we are all trained by our cultures to rely on the evidence of the senses, on what is outside of ourselves. We are taught that the circumstances we see outside of ourselves are reality and they determinine what we can or cannot do. As children we hear adults say,” We can’t afford that because of….. I only have so much money so that dream isn’t possible.” Or, “Your Uncle can’t get a job because of a bad economy.” Comments such as these teach us over and over again that the circumstances in which we find ourselves determine what we can and cannot do.

Our Buddhist training teaches us that within our Buddha nature, we are one with the infinite mind that created the universe, the Mystic Law. We’ve been taught to chant about a problem. We’re told we are never deadlocked that there is always an answer to any problem. That training turns the idea of being controlled by circumstances on its head. We know that when we chant we get ideas. that come from within, that the intuitive, wise voice is always accessible to us. All we have to do is ask the questions that will elicit the answers.

But in order to hear the answers we must move to a different wave-length. It’s rather like turning to a different station on the radio. To do this on a spiritual level, we have to stop focusing on the problem, but instead turn to the Gohonzon where all the answers can be found. When we connect with the Gohonzon, and are one with the universe, we have entered the realm of possibility. The realm of possibility appears when you stop looking at the circumstances which make your goal. seem impossible. Instead you look at what you want, and ask, “What would I do if I thought this were possible?” “What would I do if I thought there was a chance this could happen?”

This is hard because it flies in the face of everything we’ve been taught. It means you look unrealistic. You are relying on unseen, invisible forces that are not available to the senses.

An Experience:

Lisa and her husband, Don were remodeling their house. They had a construction loan and with it came a long list of projects to be completed. They had a challenging problem as well. They didn’t have enough money to complete the remodel and if they didn’t complete the remodel they could lose their home along with all the work they had put into it. They had borrowed everything they could borrow from the banks and had no idea of where they could find any more money.

Lisa decided to take the problem in hand and started intensively chanting for the house remodel to be complete. She didn’t tell anyone she was doing this. Don chanted for solutions to construction problems. Since they needed money, she chanted for the $25,000 they needed to complete the work.

She had learned about oneness of self and the environment and understood that if she allowed herself to fall into negativity that she would create the very situation she was trying to resolve. But it was so difficult. Every time she started to chant for the solution, all the problems came up in her mind and she couldn’t see any solutions. She knew she absolutely could not focus on the problems, or that is what she would manifest. So, she would determinedly pull her mind out of the negativity and refocus on her goal – the completed remodel. sometimes she had to do this 50 times a day.

Several weeks passed and they were getting closer and closer to running out of money. It was hard for Lisa not to panic, but she persisted chanting for what she would love – the completed remodel. Then something happened. Her sister called and asked Lisa if she could use a $5,000 loan. Lisa was ecstatic. She was making progress. She thanked the universe and put that money into wallboard and electrical wire.

Three more weeks passed. One day her brother contacted her from half-way across the country. He wanted to know if she could use $20,000. There was a little trust and he didn’t want to invest it in the stock market because the market was so bad. He wanted to invest it in real estate. Lisa couldn’t believe her ears. The money they needed had shown up in the nick of time.

Lisa learned several things from this experience. She discovered that even though she couldn’t see the solution, if she chanted with the completed goal in mind, that the universe had the answer. She just had to keep visualizing her completed goal, as though it had already happened, and had to keep her faith strong. Most of all she had to keep her mind away from focusing on any problem she was facing and only focus on the solution.

Have a Support System

When challenging a goal, it’s a good idea to have a support system to remind you that you are are an infinite being and have the answers to any problem accessible from within. It’s so easy to fall into focusing on the problem circumstances which tell you that what you want is impossible. You want a support person who won’t buy
into the problem. He or she will help you to stop looking at the problem. They might ask you, “What you would do if you thought there was a chance your goal could actually happen?” They would remind you to take action on the answer that you get and to consult with that inner wisdom for one step after another to take you to your goal.


Today we looked at how our culture trains us to look at any problem we are facing and buy into what the circumstances appear to say. What you want is impossible.
Then we examined what Buddhism teaches us, that we have a universal connection through our Buddha-nature that has the answers and can make the connections to solve any problem.

In order for this to work we have to remember that what we focus on, we will create. If you are focusing on the problem, that is what will manifest. If you focus on what you want, then you have entered the realm of possibility, which is on a completely different wave-length. Invisible connections and solutions will show up to move you toward your goal and you will be able to hear the solutions. Then it’s up to you to take action on the ideas you receive.

Finally, we discussed that it’s helpful to have a support system when you are challenging a difficult goal. That person can remind you that you are an infinite being and have the universal connection that can resolve any problem so that you won’t be overwhelmed by the circumstances.

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