How Can I Find Time To Chant

People often ask me, “How do you ever find time to chant?” I want to answer that here as well as show you some ways to make time to chant.

Chanting Creates the Time for Itself

The truth is that the more you chant regularly, the more time you seem to have for everything.

Here are three ways I’ve seen this happen in my life.

1. When I sit down to chant it’s almost as though the day organizes itself in my head . I find that I’m remembering important things that I’ve forgotten.

2. I seem to know what is most important, the most important tasks first.

3. If I’m mulling about something or unsure about how to handle something, I’ll get ideas about what to do. These ideas are generally a far more direct path to my goal. This means I’m more efficient and I let go of unproductive directions, which creates more time for me to do other things.

Interestingly enough, finding time to chant is not a concern for people who have already experienced some of the benefits of the practice.

Chanting Lays the Foundation for the Day

Those, who chant on a regular basis, say it is the most important thing they do every day. It lays the foundation for the whole day and things fall nicely into place. If they don’t do it the day simply doesn’t work as well.

Establish a New Habit

So how would I begin?

1. Start by establishing the habit of chanting for 5-10 minutes every day for 90 days. Consistency is a key to getting results.

If you’re going to try it, you want to see if this practice will work for you.

2. Chant right after you get up or the first thing after breakfast. You’re establishing a new habit here. Connecting it with something else makes it easier to remember. My experience is that if I wait until later in the day I’ll probably forget, as I become involved with my day’s activities.

3. Get up 10 minutes earlier. The night before, pull together everything you want to take with you in the morning, your clothes files, cell and tablet. That way you give yourself that little bit of extra time in the morning.

4. You might set your alarm 10 minutes earlier.

If you find yourself resisting making a change, I would encourage you to challenge yourself. You will be glad you did. That is a promise.

Any Other Questions, comments?

If you have other questions about how to find time to chant please ask me and I’ll go ahead and answer them as this is an important concern for a great many people at the beginning




  • ajay says:

    Hi Margaret

    Thanks for this nice website on Soka Gakkai – your advise is simple, effective and to the point.

    I have been a member the last 7 years or so, and have seen a few victories, including getting my mom back from a devious bout of cancer. Still, i find it very, very hard to practice regularly (I work 6 days a week: leave at 7:30 am and return at 8:30 pm to two lovely kids, a nice wife and my wonderful parents).

    I have the urge to chant, but I find myself unable to actually chant regularly. So this is what I am trying to do these days:

    1. I tell myself that being regular initially is more important than the amount of time I chant – that is for the next stage. Trying to put this into practice everyday now.

    2. Read Value creation regularly, even if just one article as greater understanding and stories of victories deepen my faith and inspire me. I carry it to work, reach 20 mins early and catch up with my reading, underlining points that impress me.

    3. I keep on trying to plan for the perfect moment to chant – instead try to do it right away. Else i have seen infinite times that I manage to find time to iron my clothes, wash the car, glance through the newspaper, sip my tea – everything, but chanting gets done. So it is not really a matter of having less time – it is a matter of setting it higher in your list of priorities…till it becomes a top priority everyday

    4. Lap up the opportunity every time a member offers to come over home to do the Gongyo and Chanting together

    5. Realise that if I am not being able to chant, the 3 obstacles and the 4 devils are trying to get me off this path – this challenges me to beat them

    6. When I don’t feel like chanting, or am procrastinating, the best thing to do is simply land up on the floor in front of the Gohonzon and start chanting

    I am so glad to say that I am getting there. My practice is more regular now, and will keep on getting better. I also look forward to create more time in my life to attend meetings regularly, go on home visits and take up duties.

    Thanks again for your wonderful posts and encouragement. Nam MyoHo Renge Kyo!

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