9 Reasons to Practice Nichiren Buddhism: Put Your Life on Track

Why Should I Practice?

As someone new, haven’t you wondered why people want to practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism? I’ve been asked this often enough that I’d like to give an answer here.

I was told we practice Buddhism to become enlightened, but that always seemed rather abstract to me. I’m going to share with you my personal reasons for practice, nine ways anyone can put their life on track. Then in a future post I will have a dialogue with some guests who will share their reasons.

1.To Become Happy

This is the most important overall reason for my practicing Buddhism. The other eight on the list are all steps which have lead me into a happy life. In my experience this practice is a pathway to happiness.

2. Put Your Day On Track

When I chant first thing after breakfast, my priorities and everything I have forgotten to do come into focus. The day flows easily and I feel on track doing the most important things on my list.

3. Get Unstuck

When my life seems to be stuck, going around in circles, I can shift it off of dead center and move forward again. You’ll never be deadlocked when you have this practice.

4. Take the Reins

I feel I have taken the reins of my life in my own hands. You’ll find that happens to you too if you decide to try it out. There are no victims here. Believe it or not, you all have the capacity to be able to move your life forward in a positive direction even though outward circumstances might appear to be overwhelming.

5. Jump Obstacles

If I’m facing a difficulty, I chant about it and take the steps that come to me. Inevitably a way through appears and I’m able to turn that very difficulty into something of value. Buddhists call it turning poison into medicine. I’ll discuss this concept in a later post.

6. Overcome Habits That Bog You down

The longer you practice, the more you will find your life moving in a positive direction. For example, I’ve been able to stop procrastinating, lose twenty-five pounds, a life-long battle, and maintain my weight loss. Then I became fit and wrote a book. All this was after age 70.

7. Attain Your Goals

In this form of Buddhism, we chant to realize goals and I’m sure you have a number of these yourself. When you start using the chanting practice and take steps in the direction of achieving your goals you’ll discover there is always a way to succeed.

8. Be in Rhythm

When in rhythm, everything works more easily and you won’t have to struggle.When you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo your life comes into rhythm with the fundamental law of life in the universe. Buddhists call it the Mystic Law.

9. Find Your Niche

As you chant you’ll find that more of the time you’re doing the things that you enjoy and are using more of your strengths. If you’re like me, one day you’ll realize that you’re in the perfect niche doing the things you love the most.

Buddhism is Practical

My chanting practice is the most practical thing I do every day. It makes the rest of my life work.

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If you have questions or comments¬† please don’t hesitate to ask them.I want this blog to reflect the interests of people visiting the site.

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  • Mark Errington says:

    Hello Margaret. I came across your blog by chance while searching for a Buddhist method to help me. Throughout my life (I’m 46 now), I’ve gone through periods of deep depression, disinterest in life, extreme boredom, as well as many happy times. My dark times are very destructive to both me, my wife and children, other family members and friends. Counseling and talking to professionals hasn’t helped. In fact, sometimes I feel much worse ! I’m not a stranger to Buddhism. I learned meditation at a Buddhist monastery a few years ago, but that particular brand of Buddhism was very life-denying. Getting rid of thoughts, no desires or sense enjoyment etc etc which sort of put me off Buddhism altogether. I recently learned of the Lotus sutra and it’s life affirming teachings and feel this may be the right time to start practising again. I would be very grateful for any advice and help you can give me.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Heidi says:

      Mark, where are you now in your practice? Have you found SGI to be that sort of Buddhism that you can put into your everyday?

      • Margaret Blaine says:

        Hi Heidi,
        The whole purpose of this form of Buddhism is so that we can get our lives working and become happy. It is the most practical thing I do everyday and makes the whole day work more smoothly.

      • Mark Errington says:

        Hello Heidi.
        I’m not affiliated with SGI but have found Nichiren Buddhism to be the perfect fit for my everyday life. The changes to my outlook on life have been nothing short of remarkable since I started chanting, reading and studying the Lotus Sutra and the teachings associated with it.
        Thanks, Mark.

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