You Have a Buddha Nature

Nichiren Buddhism is practical. It exists to allow you to turn your life from negativity and unhappiness to redirect it towards unshakeable happiness or Enlightenment.

The Lotus Flower in Buddhism is a symbol of this process. As you can see it is rooted the murky waters of a pond. That water represents the daily life of our real life world. In the middle of the activity and challenges of everyday life we each can engage with life using our concerns and obstacles as steppingstones to transform our lives.
As you can see the Lotus Flower has a beautiful inner core. Even though it is rooted in the pond that beautiful core can open and glow. In your life that core is your Buddha nature. Everyone has it whether you are aware of it or not.  It is the Enlightened level of your life, your universal connection. No matter what your life seems like now you can become happy one step at a time.

Lotus flower1

Go to Begin Your Practice and learn the chanting practice which will allow you to access your Buddha nature and bring it out to use its attributes in everyday life.  Your Buddha nature embodies a deep wisdom, unshakeable happiness, tremendous life force and freedom.

When you access it on a regular basis through chanting you will redirect your life towards happiness and success in life.


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