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I’ve Been chanting a Lot! Why Isn’t something Happening?

Question: I’ve been chanting two hours a day about my goal but nothing seems to be happening. I don’t have any ideas about what to do. If this is the case, the following are some things to consider, as they can affect movement forward towards a goal. Recognizing Ideas Look for ideas relating to what […]

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5 Steps to Handling Your Resistance to Moving Forward

In the last post we identified different ways we talk ourselves out of our goals when we hit our resistance to personal growth. Is Resistance to Personal Change Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals? I want to add one more way that you might talk yourself out of your goal. I Am in a Rut […]

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Is Resistance to Personal Change Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Talking yourself out of moving forward with your goals?  You’ve hit your resistance to personal change. Once you can recognize your preferred form of resistance then you can move through it. We all have resistance as I discussed in 6 Steps to Making Personal Changes When Chanting for a Goal. I suspect that one of […]

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Challenging Goal? Add Leverage to Create Momentum

Have you ever found that you set a goal, one that makes you stretch,  then found yourself forgetting to chant about it or finding reasons why you don’t want it after all? You might develop doubts that you can ever achieve it. You have encountered the normal resistance we all face when we start to […]

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6 Steps to Making Personal Changes When Chanting for a Goal

Setting a Goal When we envision a goal, chant about it, and embark on it, we don’t usually know what it will require of us. We are excited. Reality Sets In It’s when we start to take action, that the reality of what it is going to take sets in. We discover what we are […]

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Can’t Chant for a Goal? What do You Do?

Overwhelming Circumstances? What do you do if your life circumstances are so overwhelming that you can’t even formulate a goal? Sometimes this can happen when you are mourning a loss of an important relationship, or your life circumstances are such that you don’t even know where to begin, Perhaps you have felt disconnected from your […]

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Challenge Yourself! Set a Drop-Dead Date for Your Goal

In one meeting where members were discussing goals, a member from Kansai spoke up. “We don’t set goals like this in Kansai.” The group turned to look at him. They knew that Kansai was a province in Japan where there had been an enormous success with an impossible goal. The Kansai member continued, “The way […]

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How to Use Your Mind, When Trying to Achieve a Goal

We have to handle our minds a certain way when trying to bring a goal to fruition. In this post I am going to discuss the way to do this. Connecting With Formless, Energetic Potential When we chant we are told we tap our Buddha nature, our connection with the universe. So what are we […]

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