Are You Harnessing the Law of Specificity?

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Most of us have a fuzzy idea of what we want. But if we ask the universe for that probably not much is going to happen. That might mean something like, “I want lots of money.” Well what does that mean. What is lots of money for you? Tell me exactly what you want or need. 

The universe needs you to ask for a specific number. Or let’s say you want a beautiful new home. Just asking for a new house isn’t going to make it. You have to get specific about what you want in that house, how many rooms, what those rooms are and what they’re for. You know that when someone is building a house they have an architect create a blueprint for that house which is very specific. Without that blueprint, the house won’t be able to be built. 

That’s what you are doing when you set a goal . You are creating a blueprint for what you want. You can’t see the blueprint in the beginning, But whether you realize it or not, you are developing it in the invisible world and at some point when the time is right, it will download and manifest in the material world. That’s why you want to be specific about what you want. 

To become specific, you want to form a relationship with your goal. Who would you have to be to live this goal? What would that feel like now? Then five sensorize it. What would it sound like, taste like, smell like, look like. Let’s say you are building a house for your family. What would it sound like when you pull into the garage with the children playing. What would it look like as you walked through the front door. What would you smell as you walked into the kitchen? Fit it on for size to make sure it is exactly what you want. 

How often should I do this?

You might ask, “How often should I do this?” Well you’re dealing with a baby here. How often would you pay attention to and take care of a baby. This isn’t something you would do once but over and over. Why? Because you are strengthening your dream in the invisible realm when you live in it every day. It’s kind of like drawing a line in the sand. If you do it just once, the line is really light. But if you go and strengthen that line every day, it will get stronger and deeper. You’re engraving your dream in the universe so you want it to be strong and powerful. 

You are doing another thing as well. As you immerse yourself in your dream, you are strengthening your commitment to it. You are making an emotional decision that you are going to have this, no matter what. That has to happen before the universe can bring you the resources and ideas to bring that dream into reality. 

Jim Carrey, movie star, did this when he set the dream to be the first person to make 10 million for starring in a movie. He nurtured that dream and went up on a hill in Los Angeles to envision that dream every day. He achieved that dream and he says to us, “ Don’t give up on your dream because you don’t think it’s possible. You can ask the universe for it. Then take action for it and don’t hold on to how it will come about.” 

So ask the universe for your dream and be specific about what you want. Nurture that dream every day, take one step after another towards it, and don’t worry about how it is going to happen. The what is your problem. The how is the problem for the universe. 


Today we discussed the law of specificity in constructing a dream. What covered what that looks ale and how you make it even more specific by living inside it with all your senses. This increases your commitment that you are going to have it no matter what. We talked about connecting with your dream every day to strengthen it in the invisible realm. Finally we discussed the fact that it is your job to come up with the specifics of what you want and to take action towards it. It is the responsibility of the universe provide the how you will get there. 

  • Susan Howes says:

    Perfect! I am quite a fuzzy person when chanting. I do write down my goals, but rarely look at it!! Some refocusing to do.:)

  • Heather McBride says:

    In my 30+ years of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to the Gohonzon, I have had so much actual proof when I chanted for specific goals. It is a wonder how a person can forget sometimes. Thank you, Margaret, for this reminder!

    • Willow says:

      What kind of actual proof? I’ve just discovered this practice and this blog and I want to know what actual proof people have had when chanting.

      • Margaret Blaine says:

        Hi Willow,
        If you go to meetings anywhere, you will hear experiences of how people have used the practice to chant to solve problems and achieve goals. They are numerous. If you live in the US go to and to Contact us.
        Then put in your zip code and you will get in contact with the group closest to you. You will hear experiences in any group. Everyone has had them.

        I would suggest you get my book for newcomers, Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness,
        where you can through a story learn some basics and see how we use the practice nd see how we teach people the basics in a group. You can get it on Amazon or you can get a digital download from my website, margaretblainecom.
        This is a prove -it- to- yourself practice so here is the 90 day challenge. Set a goal something that would be a stretch and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo for it for 90 days.
        Chant every day for say 10 minutes and see what happens. Just sit comfortably in a chair facing a blank wall and imagine a focal point on the wall.
        You can also get a free app from your playstore. Just search with sgi and you’ll find it. There you can hear the chant. I am happy to answer questions for you as the centers are still closed due to Covid and I don’t know
        if you’ll be able to attend a group for a while. We have one on Zoom on wednesday nights if you can’t find one in your area. You are exploring a lifelong adventure and I’m delighted you are looking into the practice.
        Where do you live? By the way your email was returned as undeliverable.

  • Rubina says:

    Thank you for this vlog. I really needed to hear this. I am trying to manifest something in my life. So, I wrote down my specific goal with details and put it in front of my Gohonzon.

  • Tammy says:

    For 5 years I have been doing what you have stated in this blog but what I want has yet to manifest in my life. In short, I have been chanting for the same goal for 5 years. I have been very specific in want I want but it has not happened. Up until recently I had no doubt, but slowly over the last months doubt has crept in. Where do I go from here?

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      When we are chanting a about something, sometimes we need to change before we are ready for the goal. A relative of mine was chanting for a career level job. Yet he was a recovering alcoholic who had to come back much further before he could handle that career level job. When he grew to that point the perfect job materialized and he was ready for it.
      Then ask yourself. Am I practicing faith while doubting its effects? Am I practicing reluctantly? The subtle workings of our minds can affect results.

      • Tammy says:

        I want friends and a family. I’ve never really had close family or friends, will except for my parents who are both deceased. Just acquaintances. My life has been one of trying to change. Things others know instinctively, I had to learn, or tried to learn – looking at others when we talk, learning how to chit chat, to smile. All my life I have not have much success in the friend/family department. Since I was a kid I’ve joined groups to meet people but never connected with others. They connected with each other but not with me. Since I started chanting I have been working really hard to change. Still when I reach out inquiring how someone is, showing genuine interest, people do not respond (unless its something I can do for them and then they disappear). I still do everything by myself. I work from home and days go by where I don’t speak to one person. I don’t know what else to do to change so I’m becoming very disillusioned. I was chanting everyday for an hour or more but my life has remained the same – very lonely.

        • Susan Howes says:

          That’s really tough Tammy. I don’t know if what I’m going to say will help, but here are my thoughts. Maybe you should be focusing on chanting to value yourself as an eternal Buddha. It sounds as if you may be seeking approval from others, basing your happiness on others, seeking happiness outside of you in other words. I suggest you chant to 1. Treasure yourself. 2. Chant to understand your own, personal mission in this life. 3. Seek the support from your district and guidance from a leader. Sensei says, if you light a candle for others, you light a candle for yourself. I don’t know your employment circumstances, but maybe you could volunteer in your community in someway. Everyday is a new beginning – Honin myo, from this moment on. Take care.

  • Sherry says:

    Please explain what you meant by “to take action towards it`. What is there is no action that you can take

    • Margaret Blaine says:

      Are you sure? Sometimes we get an idea and then talk ourselves out of it.

      • Sherry says:

        I’m having difficulty understanding the meaning of action in this context. I have outlined a could of arbitrary situations and would appreciate it if you would explain so that I can understand 1). Someone close to you who resides in another country catches COVID-19. You chant for their health to be restored but what action can you the person chanting take? There is nothing you can do that will make the person regain their health except chant? 2).You want to win a specific amount of money in a lottery. You purchase a ticket (which I assume can be categorized as an action) and then chant for the amount (and do what you have outlined in this blog). But what other action (besides the initial one) can you take that will move you toward winning the specific amount you are chanting for? In both cases the person chanting has provided the specifics of what they want but I cannot understand what action they can take towards fulfilling the goals. Thanks

  • tina mangus says:

    Recently I spoke to a very senior SGI leader in my country about a big goal that I have that it is seemingly impossible to achieve (success in the show biz at older age). I am taking actions and have been a professional performer for all my life, but I want high level engagements.

    This leader told me that Buddhism is reason so destroyed my conviction in my impossible goal. He said that I must consider doing something else because at my age there are no chances, even though I’m an excellent musician and have exerted my art for over 35 years. So I should not practise over a goal that no one would achieve because of age limits.

    How do you consider the assumption that “Buddhism is reason” when setting up impossible goals?

  • Thomas Prince says:


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