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You Can Change Your Life Condition Easily

In the last post I discussed the Ten Worlds so you could have an overview of the different internal life conditions you experience every day. You can see that they range from the lower worlds, which are negative, to the higher more positive worlds. Each of the worlds contains the potentials of all the others, […]

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The ten Worlds

The Ten Worlds

Last week we talked about ten conditions of life, which we experience each day. These are important to us because through chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, we can shift from negativity to positivity. I’ll describe them from the lowest to the highest. The Six Lower Paths Hell – A person feels there is no way out, where living […]

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Through Buddhism, Change Your Karma

What is karma? Karma represents tendencies present in the inner, unconscious realm of life. They have been created through one’s past actions, which include ways of thinking, ways of speaking and physical actions. Karma, or actions, can be either good or bad, positive or negative. Popular thinking views karma as negative but Buddhism says that […]

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