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How to Banish Doubt & Create What You Want
https://youtu.be/1o8uVfNjCYc I’ve had a question about how to handle doubt. Why does doubt come up and often remain persistent? We[...]
Do You Know How the Mind Works to Create Results?
https://youtu.be/rcroFsOoRgk   We have learned a great deal about how the mind works since Nichiren’s time. I think it helps[...]
Know What to Do When Not Seeing Benefit?
https://youtu.be/lV-NPz7FdsI Buddhism describes nine levels of consciousness, the ninth level being the level which science would describe as pure potentiality[...]
Feel as though Your Prayers Aren’t Answered?
https://youtu.be/0YzG_odjaCc Today I’m going to discuss six areas for reflection when you don’t feel your prayers are being answered. Are[...]
A Buddhist View on How to Handle a Difficult Person
https://youtu.be/BVnYn21u4YQ As Bill Aiken, former SGI-USA Vice General director said in his World Tribune article, The Oneness of Life and[...]
Know How to Chant As though Your Goal is Achieved?
https://youtu.be/XLYd4cdYR1k   “Drop the doubt. Begin to live as though your prayers have already been answered.” Daisaku Ikeda I have[...]
Why Do Some Goals Take So Long?
https://youtu.be/6e78pjDgOoY I have received a number of questions about why goals haven't been achieved quickly and easily, and sometimes not[...]
Know How to Transform Your Karma?
  https://youtu.be/izrJVXnuu10   When we find ourselves up against a thick wall of suffering and feel like we can’t go[...]
Guidelines to Strengthening Your Goal Setting
https://youtube.com/embed/vS6YUUU7CKc I have received a number of questions about how to chant about various situations. Since there have been a[...]
How Can I strengthen My Faith More Than Ever?
 What is Faith? So what is faith anyway. It’s the experience of being one with the Mystic Law and[...]
Reasons Why You Might Not Be Receiving Benefit
I have received questions about why someone might not be receiving benefit.  In this video I covered a number of[...]
Hurt by Someone? Why Should I Chant for their Happiness?
https://youtu.be/Cz2y_Zk79Po       Why Should I Chant for Someone Who Has Hurt Me? I have received comments from people[...]
Are You Harnessing the Law of Specificity?
https://youtu.be/_McNyrKZ9qw To download transcript, click here. Most of us have a fuzzy idea of what we want. But if we[...]
Know How to Stop Dwelling on Negative Experiences?
https://youtu.be/qGvY8QMITp0   I had had a question, “How can I stop dwelling on brooding, hurtful conversations with people from past[...]
Do You Know the Power of Thought?
To download the transcript, click here. If you look at the nine levels of consciousness in the Buddhist literature the[...]
If I Doubt the Practice, Can I Get Benefit?
To download the transcript, click here. I received a question this week “A while back I read in the World[...]
How Does Buddhism Look at Relationship Issues?
https://youtu.be/msTdYw3jEaw To download the transcript, click here I’ve had a number of questions regarding how to chant about relationship issues.[...]
Does How You Chant for a Goal, Matter?
https://youtu.be/cbGB5TWktlA I have had a question this week. What is the difference between visualizing a goal as already accomplished and[...]
Know That Slandering Can Influence Your Results?
 To download the transcript, click here I have been asked to discuss on shitsu, the word for slander. I[...]
Are You Going Through a Dark time Now?
 To download the transcript click here We all experience dark times in our lives. This is when something difficult[...]
Is There A Way to Set More Effective Goals?
I have received number of questions about how to set a goal. What You Will Learn By the end of[...]
Know How Your Thoughts Influence Your Results?
“In case you haven’t noticed, you have a mental dialogue going on inside your head that never stops. It just[...]
How Can I Become Happy Again after Heartbreak?
https://youtube.com/embed/eVJHEIlTTJM This week I received a couple of questions about how to move on after heartbreak, where you have lost[...]
Are You Getting the Results You Want From Chanting?
https://youtube.com/embed/s_WXqwsqSMk If we are getting the results we want with our chanting, then we are mostly in alignment with what[...]
How Can We Help Bring People Together?
 In the May 15th World Tribune there is a Question; How Can I Bring People Together When They Seem[...]
How Do We Handle Earthly Desires in the Pandemic?
https://youtube.com/embed/iv1QTK82IoE   I hope you all are staying healthy and have been able to use this time of reflection to[...]
Buddhist Prayer, The Antidote to Feeling Powerless
https://youtube.com/embed/l0c91v9liDI In the days of the pandemic, often we can feel helpless as though events are spinning out of control. [...]
How to Comfort Ourselves and Uplift Others
</span data-mce-type="bookmark"style="display:inline-block; width:0px; overflow; hidden; line-height:0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"> The virus has forced us to face the impermanence of our lives and[...]
How Do I Handle My Fear of the Pandemic?
 We are dealing with a difficult time and difficult times are part of the human journey. Such times are[...]
How Should We Chant About the Virus?
I had a question this week. “How should I chant about the COVID-19 ? Before I get into this topic,[...]
Have Financial Karma? What to Do
Before we discuss financial karma, let’s review what our relationship as humans is to the universe. As Daisaku Ikeda says,[...]
Know How to Set A Solid Foundation for a Relationship?
This week I received a request. “Please make a video on attracting love and a romantic relationship. I have been[...]
Did You Know That Your Life is Your Curriculum?
This week I had a question. “How do I deal with or overcome office politics? It seems I have bad[...]
Is It Possible to be Too Attached to a Goal?
 Is It Possible to be Too Attached to a Goal? Recently, I have had questions or comments from practitioners[...]
Do You Let Circumstances Control What You Do?
In the world today we are all trained by our cultures to rely on the evidence of the senses, on[...]
Do You Know How to Overcome Fear?
 Fear comes up when we have made a decision to expand our lives by focusing on a challenging goal.[...]
Do You Know That Gratitude Can Change Your Life?
 We hear a lot about gratitude at this time of year. So does gratitude have a part in transforming[...]
Know How to Lessen Karmic Retribution?
 I had a question this week. “How can I lessen karmic retribution?” Let’s look at what karma is first.[...]
You Are Never a Victim of Your Circumstances
 Many people believe that they are the victim of one circumstance or another. Our culture teaches us that that[...]
Why Do Some Goals Seem to Take Forever?
Have you ever chanted for a goal and it didn’t seem to be falling into place. In this vlog let’s[...]
Know what You Can do If Battling Doubts?
 I had a question this week, which is universal to anyone who is practicing at one time or another.[...]
Goal Setting: Know What Works and What Doesn’t?
   I’ve had a number of questions about setting goals for various types of problems. So today I want[...]
Know the Difference Between the Mystic Law and the Law of Attraction?
"I had a question this week: why do we need to chant in front of the Gohonzon if the law[...]
Can I Change Someone Else by Chanting?
Can I change someone else by chanting? I have received this question over and over. Today I want to address[...]
Have a Spiritual Struggle When Chanting for a Goal?
 When you chant for a goal you hope to achieve it quickly, but obstacles or one sort or another[...]
Just How Responsible Are We for Our Problems?
 Transcript download: Just-How-Responsible-Are-We-For-Our-Problems-2-4 The Buddhist concept oneness of life and its environment teaches us that everything in our lives[...]
Know Why It’s Important to Master Your Mind?
 Nichiren Daishonin said, “Learn to master your mind and don’t let it master you.” What does mastering the mind[...]
Recognize When You’re Veering off the Path of Faith?
 Today we are going to look  at ways we might be veering off the  path of faith and become[...]
10 Steps to Overcoming Illness
 Some of you are suffering from illness and have asked me to discuss it.  So in this video we[...]
How to Solve Your Problem in 9 Steps
 Can you solve all of your problems with this practice? The short answer, is yes. When facing problems, it’s[...]
Your Goal too Big To Believe?  What to do.
 “What do you do when your goal seems so far removed from where you are now, if you’re affirming[...]
Know How Inconspicuous Benefits Move You Towards Happiness?
 It's amazing when you see the inconspicuous benefits that are leading you to happiness.  In this video we will[...]
Know Why Your Attitude is Important While Chanting?
 In order to achieve the results we want, it’s important to understand how the mind works on a subtle[...]
Chanting But Feel You Aren’t Receiving Answers from the Universe?
 Many people feel as though they are chanting for a goal but they aren’t receiving answers. If this is[...]
How Did I Do My Human Revolution?
 Transcript download: My Story I received a question this week, “How did you do your human revolution? Let's be[...]
Have You Fallen Into Fundamental Darkness?
Script download:  Have you Fallen into Fundamental Darkness 1       Download: Table of Contents latest According to Daisaku Ikeda in The[...]
Stalled? Is Your Goal Just a Hope or A Decision?
Make a Decision1 We think we make decisions all the time. We say, “I am going to buy a house.[...]
Do You Know How Reservations Can Impact Achieving a Goal?
Transcript Download: reservations Two practitioners, Beth and Barbara, were discussing getting goals. One commented that she had had experiences where[...]
Overwhelmed? How to Develop Inner Stability
 Transcript Download: Overwhelmed? How to Develop Inner Stability 2 Many people describe feeling flung about by their feelings. Usually[...]
How Can I Change My Limited Thinking?
Transcript Download: Changing Limited Thinking Setting a goal, chanting about it and then following through with the action steps needed[...]
Feel Guilty Shifting from Christianity to Buddhism? What to Do.
I received a question this week, which, I’m told affects a lot of people. How do you deal with the[...]
How Does a Daily Practice of Gratitude Benefit You?
Transcript download: GratitudeI’ve noticed that the majority of the prayers in Gongyo are prayers of appreciation and gratitude. Since it[...]
Know How to Use Troubles to Nourish Your Growth?
   Trouble Can Nourish Growth Our lives are planted in the murky pond of everyday life, just like a[...]
Difficult Family Karma? How to Change It.
 Transcript Upload: Difficult Family Karma One of the reasons we practice faith is to be able to change our[...]
How Do You Chant if Vague About Your Goal?
 Transcript download: question This week we have a question. "I have been chanting for months now to find out[...]
Are Science and Religion in Conflict or Supporting One Another?
 Transcript download: science and Religion “In this vlog I have been talking about how to use Buddhist philosophy and[...]
Do You Know Why You Should be Grateful for Adversity?
 Transcript download: Adversity When you have come up against adversity and go to an experienced practitioner for guidance, they[...]
5 Things to Consider if Not Getting Results from Chanting
 Transcript download:Not Getting results From chanting 5 Things to Consider. We know that results occur from the inside out[...]
Do You Know How the Universe Communicates With You?
 Transcript download:universe communicates       When we chant in front of the Gohonzon with a prayer need for[...]
6 Things to Do If You’re Forcing Yourself to Chant
 Transcript download: Forcing myself to Chant I have received questions from some of you who are concerned with not[...]
Do You Know How You Set Up Barriers to What You Want?
 Transcript download: How we get in our way I think one of the important Buddhist concepts is the oneness[...]
Are You Trying to Avoid a Difficult Problem?
Transcript download:  Are You Trying to Avoid a Difficult Problem Have you heard this or thought it to yourself? “I[...]
How to Master Barriers to Human Revolution
 In this vlog, I am going to define human revolution. Then we’ll discuss ways you might be blocking yourself[...]
Is Your Practice Wavering?
Downloadable Transcript: Practice Wavering 2 There are two aspects to this question, your practice for yourself, and practicing for others.[...]
Is There Any Right Way to Chant?
Many questions come up about chanting and to day we are going to discuss two of them. Transcript download: Is[...]
Know the Wonderful Cluster of Blessings Brought by Myoho-Renge Kyo?
Today I want to discuss the cluster of blessings brought by Myoho-renge-kyo and how they work in our lives. First[...]
Blessings of the Practice During a Life Threatening Situation
As you know, I have been experiencing some challenges getting my vlog out on the website. This is because, in[...]
Steps to Forge Your Faith
Transcript download: Steps to Forge Your Faith In this vlog I want to share with you through a personal experience.[...]
Chanting Difficulties? 4 Ways to Turn Difficulties Around
If you are chanting but not getting the results you want,  I am going to show you 4 ways to[...]
How to Transition into Your Life’s Work
Not satisfied with your job, but don't know how to transition into your life's work? This vlog will show you[...]
Are You Letting the Universe Have Your Back?
In this vlog we are going to discuss what prevents us from experiencing being connected to the inner guidance from[...]
Difficult Problem? 5 Steps to Nailing It.
When we first start to chant we are taught to set a goal and chant for it. It seems as[...]
Feel Undeserving of Your Goal? What You Can do.
In this video, we discuss how to overcome feelings of being undeserving of your goal. Then talk about how to[...]
8 Warning Signs You Are Manifesting What You don’t Want
In this vlog, we are going to be looking at the 8 warning signs that indicate you are chanting for[...]
7 Ways We Block Ourselves When Chanting for a Goal
I received a question this week.  "How do we get in our own way when chanting for a goal?" In[...]
Will Divorce Really Change Your Life?
Do you think that getting a divorce will solve all your problems?  In this vlog  I am going to illustrate[...]
3 Steps to Stopping Vengeful thoughts
This week we are going to look at a question,  "How would a Buddhist handle a desire for vengence?"  This[...]
What’s Stopping You From Moving Forward?
Have you ever had the experience that even though you are chanting for a goal, you aren't moving forward? In[...]
Know Why a Determination is Important When Chanting for a Goal?
Many people wonder why setting a determination is important when chanting for a goal.  In this post you'll learn why[...]
Obstacles, Problem or Opportunity?
Today in the vlog we are going to discuss the circumstances under which obstacles  become problems and how to change[...]
Do You Know Why It’s Important to Set a Positive Goal?
In this vlog we are going to discuss the mystic function of the mind which says that life is the[...]
Get the Results in Life You Want
Do you feel sometimes that the results you get in your life aren't what you expected?  And, you don't know[...]
Are You Sure You’re Chanting For What You Really Want?
I hear stories where people are chanting for a goal but not getting what they really want.  Without even realizing[...]
Why is it so Hard to Establish a New Habit?
As we work on our human revolution, that transformation from the lesser to the greater self, we are going to[...]
Why Chanting is Not Magic
Chanting is not Magic Some people talk about this practice as if it is magic. Chanting is not magic. Our[...]
8 Steps to Master The Way You Think
Why is It Important to Master Negative Thinking? We are one with the Mystic Law, that creative, unlimited life force,[...]
What is “Being in Rhythm” With the Universe?
Buddhism teaches philosophical concepts, which, when you really study them, I believe are teaching us universal laws, or how the[...]
Do You Know Why Your Thoughts Are So Important?
We’re taught that our thoughts don‘t really matter unless we act on them. Nothing could be farther from the truth.[...]
Are You Missing a Step When Chanting for a Goal?
1. Set A Positive Goal A reader sent me a question asking how to chant for a weight loss goal.[...]
Do You Know You Are An Unlimited Being?
I don’t think we recognize what we are at our core. We say we have a Buddha nature, which possesses[...]
Know Why It’s Important to Forge Your Mind of Faith?
President Ikeda says in the  Clear Mirror Guidance, that when you chant, your mind of faith is reflected on the[...]
Know Why You Don’t Always Get What You Want?
Let’s say you’ve set a goal for a new house. You've begun to chant about it.  Do you find your[...]
Do You Know Why You Shouldn’t Chant About Your Fears?
As a Nichiren Buddhist, you hear that you should chant for what you want. But what if you have a[...]
Do You Know How to Refresh Your Practice?
Have you ever had a time when you felt unmotivated, study seemed like platitudes, doubts have shown up, and you[...]
I’ve Been chanting a Lot! Why Isn’t something Happening?
Question: I’ve been chanting two hours a day about my goal but nothing seems to be happening. I don’t have[...]
Are You Aware of External Hindrances to Buddhist Practice?
Buddhism is the practice and philosophy for transforming all of our lives, providing the path to becoming absolutely happy. Because[...]
Did You Know There Are Ten Internal Hindrances to Buddhist Practice?
When we become practitioners of Nichiren Buddhism, we take on the task of liberating ourselves from suffering. We also commit[...]
When I Chant, My Mind Goes to My Fears. What Should I Do?
I received an email with this question. I try to focus properly but my mind goes to my fears. What[...]
5 Steps to Handling Your Resistance to Moving Forward
In the last post we identified different ways we talk ourselves out of our goals when we hit our resistance[...]
Is Resistance to Personal Change Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?
Talking yourself out of moving forward with your goals?  You've hit your resistance to personal change. Once you can recognize[...]
Challenging Goal? Add Leverage to Create Momentum
Have you ever found that you set a goal, one that makes you stretch,  then found yourself forgetting to chant[...]
6 Steps to Making Personal Changes When Chanting for a Goal
Setting a Goal When we envision a goal, chant about it, and embark on it, we don’t usually know what[...]
Facing a Difficult Obstacle? Make Good Causes.
What Does Compassion In Action Look Like? If you want the universe to fully support you, then take the time[...]
Can’t Chant for a Goal? What do You Do?
Overwhelming Circumstances? What do you do if your life circumstances are so overwhelming that you can’t even formulate a goal?[...]
Big Challenge? Get Guidance From Your Mentor
A member from Kansai  was discussing goals in a meeting. Everyone there knew that Kansai members have had tremendous victories[...]
Challenge Yourself! Set a Drop-Dead Date for Your Goal
In one meeting where members were discussing goals, a member from Kansai spoke up. "We don’t set goals like this[...]
How to Use Your Mind, When Trying to Achieve a Goal
We have to handle our minds a certain way when trying to bring a goal to fruition. In this post[...]
Proven Steps to Human revolution
Not quite sure about how to accomplish human revolution in your own life? Let’s look at what human revolution is,[...]
Having Trouble Establishing a Consistent Practice?
Some people struggle with becoming consistent with their practice. This is not unusual, particularly when you are new. But, if[...]
Are You Confused About the Mentor-Disciple Relationship?
In the West people tend to be uncomfortable thinking of of a mentor-disciple relationship. First it is confused with business[...]
Are You Chanting for Benefit or to Change Karma?
There comes a time in our practice, probably after chanting for a number of years, when we are faced with[...]
Guaranteed: 12 Steps to Break Through Deadlock
When deadlocked, we are in a struggle between negative and positive forces. We don’t see the path forward: we feel[...]
Conquer Overwhelming Circumstances with Buddhist Practice
When overwhelmed, too busy or in crisis, the temptation might be to chant less because of time constraints You think,”I’m[...]
The Truth is, You are Not Alone Facing a Difficult Obstacle
When we chant about a challenge or an obstacle we are taking on negative forces which we must encounter on[...]
Remarkable News! Faith is More Powerful than Control
Believe it or not, chanting with faith produces more benefit than trying to control the process. What Does Control Look[...]
Surprising News: Complacency Is the Biggest Threat to Buddhist Practice
Complacency is one of the biggest obstacles to our Buddhist practice and it is a hard obstacle to recognize. It[...]
How to Bring About Behaviors Which Lead to Happiness: A Guest Experience
Certain behaviors lead to happiness, others to unhappiness. Buddhist writings have many suggestions on how to improve behavior, so we[...]
5 Steps to a Successful Life Transition: A Guest Experience
Katy had run a successful consulting business in the high-tech industry where her clients were all in another state. She[...]
Startling Lessons on How to Create a Good Life:
I was really excited to see a Ted talk by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger on a 75 year long Harvard Study[...]
Do You Stop Chanting After Achieving a Goal?
Have you ever had this experience? You are facing a problem so you set a goal and chant very hard[...]
How are You Chanting, With Faith or Trying to Force a Result?
When you are chanting for a goal, are you chanting with great intensity trying to force it to happen? Or[...]
Are You chanting While Focusing on Obstacles or the End goal?
When chanting for a goal, we often focus on the obstacles to reaching it. This happens because we are worried[...]
4 Steps to Finding Your Life Path
When we are young we often think that we are not as good as other people because of inclinations or[...]
What Are You Really Doing when You Chant for a Goal?
The immediate answer would be that we want to achieve this or that specific goal. But looking at the immediate[...]
Sweep Pessimism Out the door
Sweeping pessimism out the door is an important skill to learn. When we set a goal, chant about it, then[...]
5 Steps to Develop Inner Stability
You can learn how to navigate agitated feelings, when blindsided by life, to maintain stability in the face of shocks.[...]
Why is My Goal Taking so Long? (2)
Sometimes we may have set a goal which might limit us, but we don’t know that. While we  keep our[...]
How to Unlock Your Mental Limits
When we run up against a mental limit we think we are going to do something, and then we don’t[...]
Chanting But Doubting Results? Problem or Opportunity
When confronting a difficult obstacle, we may have doubts that we can ever overcome it. “Can I really overcome this[...]
4 Steps to Establish A Consistent Practice When Feeling Breathless
Are you in the position of putting everything else in life before your practice? We’re trained to do that in[...]
Why is my Goal Taking so Long?
It is said that with Nichiren Buddhism no prayer goes unanswered. But this doesn’t mean every prayer will be answered[...]
How to Chant if Perplexed
Over the last few posts, I’ve discussed how to achieve goals successfully. But what if you don’t know what your[...]
Here is a Method for Mastering Your Mind
Our Thoughts Influence Everything President Ikeda, the foremost proponent of this form of Buddhism in the world, says in his[...]
Kick Depression to the Curb
Many people suffer from depression. Depression can leach all joy out of life, leaving you without zest. One of the[...]
Chanting + Action Leads to Success
Chanting Alone is Not Enough In my last post we discussed how important it is to take action on ideas[...]
Three Steps to Finding Courage
To achieve a goal successfully requires you to chant about it and then take action. When you take a  step[...]
Are You Chanting With Mixed Feelings or Determination?
Are You Chanting with Mixed Feelings? If you are struggling to surmount an obstacle, little adjustments in the way you[...]
Chanting Plus Action Manifests Our Goals (3)
When you set a goal and chant about it, action will be required to bring it about. Chanting Isn’t Magic[...]
5 Things to Consider When Chanting for a Goal (2)
President Ikeda, author of many books on Buddhism and the leader of the Nichiren Buddhist movement for 60 years, points[...]
Setting Goals for Best Effect (1)
Nichiren Buddhists use a chanting practice to address all kinds of problems in daily life. When you chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo  you[...]
The Secret to the Successful Realization of Your Goals
I’m going to discuss something which you may never have considered as a powerful way to realize a goal. I[...]
How Some People Find Great Answers to Problems And Others Don’t
Do you have a problem which seems unsolvable? Have you felt as though you’ve been beating your head against a[...]
How I Found My Unique Purpose through Buddhist Practice
Have you ever wondered why you have been born, what you should be doing with your life? Don’t you want[...]
Faith Like Fire: Faith Like Running Water
When first starting to chant, most people are excited and hopeful.  This was what they were looking for, something to[...]
Earthly Desires, The Path to Enlightenment
Earthly desires in many traditional religions are considered the cause of suffering and obstacles to attaining enlightenment. Eliminating them altogether[...]
Steps to Win the Spiritual Struggle When Confronting an Obstacle
Everyone faces problems and obstacles. So what do you do when a tough problem, arises? What’s Your Reaction? Do you[...]
What Does the Life State of Buddhahood Look Like? # 2 of 2
If you are living in the life state of Buddhahood, you aren’t different from any other ordinary person. You’re like[...]
What is a Buddha? #1 of 2
The purpose of this post is to give you some idea of where you are heading when you start to[...]
The Way to Alter Your Circumstances Successfully
In the western world you tend to think that you are influenced by conditions outside and separate from yourself. Have[...]
The Secret to Winning Over Negative Temptations
Can a religion that doesn’t have rules and commandments keep practitioners on the straight and narrow? The purpose of Buddhism[...]
What Is A Religion, Anyway?
Have you ever considered what a religion might look like if it didn’t have clergy, rules, and buildings that identify[...]
How to Use Problems in Daily Life to Generate Happiness
Problems, Suffering or Opportunity Experienced Nichiren Buddhist practitioners tell you that when you are confronting a problem, you have an[...]
At Last, A Surefire Way to Make Your Life Easier
Your life will become much easier when you start chanting about your problems and challenges. I can’t tell you exactly [...]
Overwhelmed? How to Regain Inner Peace
When overwhelmed by life, you may feel that everything must be accomplished all at once, and if not, there will[...]
You Are a Buddha
Inside each of you is an Enlightened level of life. At your core exists a beautiful, radiant self, embodying unshakeable[...]
You Can Change Your Life Condition Easily
In the last post I discussed the Ten Worlds so you could have an overview of the different internal life[...]
The Ten Worlds
Last week we talked about ten conditions of life, which we experience each day. These are important to us because[...]
Conquer Your Fears; Find Courage, # 2
We’ve all had times in our lives when worries tend to overwhelm us. Mentally and emotionally we keep returning to[...]
Conquer Your Fears: Find Courage
Have fears kept you from moving forward in some area of your life? This can happen to anyone. In this[...]
How to Gain Control of Your Life: The Stories of Two Men Who Succeeded
Do you know how to regain control of your life when overwhelmed by negative circumstances? Sometimes life seems too much[...]
What is Enlightenment?
The popular understanding of enlightenment brings to mind someone with extraordinary powers beyond the reach of ordinary mortals. Popular belief[...]
6 Ways to Explain the 90 Day Experiment
If you decide to try the chant for 90 days, questions might come up from family members. In the words[...]
Why Do Nichiren Buddhists Set goals?
Setting goals and chanting for them is an unusual aspect of Nichiren Buddhism. In this post I am going to[...]
How Can I Learn to Chant?
Now that I have discussed some of the reasons to chant, you might be curious about how you start chanting.[...]
9 Reasons to Practice Nichiren Buddhism: Put Your Life on Track
Why Should I Practice? As someone new, haven't you wondered why people want to practice Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism? I've been[...]
Through Buddhism, Change Your Karma
What is karma? Karma represents tendencies present in the inner, unconscious realm of life. They have been created through one's[...]
Develop Deep Wisdom Through Buddhism
Develop a Mind of Faith When you chant, Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, you connect with the Buddha Nature within you. A mind of[...]
The Purpose of Faith in Buddhism
When, day after day you chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo as taught by Nichiren Daishonin the founder of this practice, you tap the[...]
Change Your Destiny, Through Buddhism
What is Karma? We all are born with karma. The popular belief about it is that karma is negative but[...]
Buddhism and the Internal Creative Battle
Have you wanted to be a creative person? Have you found to your surprise that you are resistant to beginning[...]
What is Compassion Anyway?
What is Compassion? Compassion, according to Buddhism, embodies altruistic action that tries to relieve people from suffering and bring them[...]
How Do We Want to Live?
How Do We Want To Live? It seems as though profit has become the dominant value in the U.S. to[...]
You Can Find Your Niche
Getting Unstuck Have you been looking for a meaningful way to contribute to your community but you believe existing opportunities[...]
Living in a Self-Motivated World
Initiative Is Required In the last post we discussed how so much more rests on each of us now that[...]
A Cure for Anxiety
Why So Much Anxiety? Why is there so much anxiety in the world today? Technology has transformed every aspect of[...]
What is Faith,Exactly?
The Question Exactly, what is faith and how do you find it? In Nichiren Buddhism, faith doesn't just appear from[...]
Human Revolution in the Gym
Wake-Up! Wake Up! Four years ago I found myself unable to stand up after kneeling to weed the garden. For[...]
Chanting for Goals Develops Faith
Goals Develop Faith When you are new, you may be encouraged to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo  for goal that is a stretch,[...]
Buddhism Shows You How to Live Longer
A Personal Practice Leads to Practice for Others Nichiren Buddhism starts each person off by chanting for personal goals. When[...]
Running a Marathon in Life
Most of us admire marathoners, even if we don't run ourselves. We love them because they are such a triumph[...]
Chanting for Goals Develops Spiritual Attributes in the Practitioner
Learning to Trust the Wisdom Within    Post#2 By Margaret Blaine, The Practical Buddhist   Usually when you start to practice[...]
Chanting for Goals Develops Spiritual Attributes
Mastering Your Mind: Post #1 I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for eighteen years. During that time I have heard[...]
Manifesting What You Want is a Skill
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Believe it or not, Chanting is Practical
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Practical Buddhism & Handling Obstacles
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Practical Buddhism: Handling Anger
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Pull Out of Negative Emotional States
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Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness Begins
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Look Inside the Book
Hi All Members, Your Path to Unshakeable Happiness was written to help with the introduction of new people to Nichiren[...]
You Have a Buddha Nature
Nichiren Buddhism is practical. It exists to allow you to turn your life from negativity and unhappiness to redirect it[...]